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Tekiio Group and Oracle empower the spanish hotel industry

Dec 4, 2023 11:05:42 AM

Tekiio Group arrives in Spain with Oracle NetSuite bringing new upgrades to power Spanish companies.

Organizations with multiple subsidiaries in Spain can now quickly leverage cloud technology to streamline financial processes, comply with tax and IT requirements, improve operational efficiency and maximize the value of their information.

Using Oracle Netsuite's powerful functionalities, Spanish entrepreneurs and business managers can effectively improve their decision making based on information obtained in real time from all consolidated operational and financial processes.

This technological leap is a real advantage for companies of any size across all industries: from startups taking their first steps towards regional expansion, which can access a preconfigured suite according to general needs that other organizations in the same context have had; to multi-company businesses that require a customized suite according to their own requirements and consolidations of multiple currencies and different tax requirements.


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In the case of the hospitality, restaurant, food and beverage industry, the requirements for a management system are many more: managing reservations of tables, rooms and venues, managing customer preferences, managing material inventories, organizing multi-currency payments while ensuring data protection. Fortunately, these demands are no longer a problem because Oracle Hospitality created a set of industry-specific solutions.

  • OPERA Cloud Property Management: a mobile-enabled PMS system that simplifies IT processes and centralizes data so that information is accessible to everyone, anytime, and anywhere. OPERA Cloud meets the needs of all franchisors, restaurants and hospitality groups: it organizes hotel operations, manages customer preferences, manages room inventory, rates and more.
  • Oracle MICROS Simphony: is an ideal POS system for restaurants and bars looking to deliver an online ordering experience that meets the highest customer service and branding standards. It was designed for complete restaurant management as the engine of the most successful food and beverage venues around the world, from local coffee shops and flagship fine dining restaurants to global quick-service chains, stadiums and theme parks. As a multi-function cloud-based point-of-sale platform, Simphony helps you optimize your online and in-store operations in real-time from any device. Online ordering and delivery, interactive ordering, real-time table management, reservations and waiting lists, kitchen control system, self-service kiosks are some of the solutions managed by this software.
  • Restaurant Inventory Management Software: The inventory management solution that provides visibility and control of your company's asset flows and supply networks. Restaurant Inventory Management Software helps you meet demand while minimizing costs and increasing customer satisfaction by managing materials, optimizing inventory and service levels, determining costs, and maximizing profitability.

These three software solutions, thanks to the solution developed by Tekiio Group, can now be integrated with Oracle NetSuite and thus have a solid multi-company, multi-currency and inventory financial back-end base working as a fully consolidated platform in the cloud.

Tekiio Group is the first Oracle Netsuite global partner that allows to quickly and securely connect Oracle's suite of solutions for hospitality allowing companies to leverage cloud technology to improve efficiency, meet tax requirements of one or more companies in one or more countries in a fully consolidated manner. We have successful implementation cases such as the multinational Talbot or Casino Magic Hotels that have simplified the management of sales, collections, inventory movements, purchases and stock receipts. All these processes of each of the hotels and other business units, consolidated in real time in a single Oracle NetSuite database to achieve greater efficiency in the company's resource planning, achieving greater agility and efficiency in financial management.


Companies in Spain can increase productivity and efficiency by benefiting from an integrated business suite that automates key processes. 

"Oracle NetSuite is a true Cloud solution, very intuitive and with very simple user training tools. It is highly customizable and allows the management of multiple accounting books at the same time, it also has a very good reporting system, which has allowed us to gather information in a timely manner," says Hugo Belli, finance manager at Veritran, a fintech with subsidiaries in Spain, the United States and Latin America.

¿Interesado en impulsar la transformación digital de tu empresa en España ¡Descubre más acá! (8)

With over 15 years of solid experience, Tekiio Group writes a new chapter in its history by becoming a Global Partner of Oracle NetSuite, adding Iberia as a region covered by the company. "Oracle NetSuite has been an essential partner in the growth and expansion of countless organizations, especially SMEs and Startups.  This strategic move reflects not only our commitment to business success in the Spanish market, but also our dedication in delivering quality services globally. We aim to be a trusted strategic partner, allowing our clients to centralize their needs through our local presence and international reach. We are excited to embark on this new journey and eager to contribute to the growth of companies both in Spain and worldwide" says Alberto Carrizo, Founding Partner and Director of Tekiio Group.

Since 2008 Tekiio Group is dedicated to supporting companies in their digital transformation process by developing, implementing and providing services in Oracle NetSuite to more than 200 customers in more than 30 different countries, being consolidated as a strategic partner in Latin America and the United States. Throughout these years of experience and expertise working with Oracle Netsuite, Tekiio Group has developed multiple products fully integrated onto the Netsuite platform, enabling the compliance with fiscal requirements in different countries and providing solutions with specific functionalities for different industries and business models.

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