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3 min read

Boost Employee Productivity Through Continuous ERP Learning

By Tracy Graley Ferrick, Product Marketing Specialist

You’ve heard the old adage, “An investment in knowledge pays...

3 min read

Ease Application and Customization Distribution with the SuiteCloud Development Framework

By Erik Klein, Product Manager, SuiteCloud Platform


Packaging and deploying custom applications can sometimes be a...

2 min read

4 Ways Manual Order Management Processes Impact the Customer Experience

By Abby Jenkins  , Product Marketing Manager for Inventory & Order Management, Supply Chain & WMS

Consumers expect...

12 min read

10 Questions About the Subscription Model, Answered

By Megan O'Brien with Robbie Kellman Baxter

In short:

  • Subscription business models are all the rage — here's what...
9 min read

How Business Intelligence Is Used in Accounting Today

Andy Morris | Principal Product Marketing Specialist

An accounting team that’s both data-driven and proactive can be...

8 min read

Business Intelligence: A Must Have for Today’s CFOs

 Andy Morris | Principal Product Marketing Specialist

The role of a chief financial officer, or CFO, is always...

3 min read

Mobile Scanning Increases Supply Chain Efficiency

By Abby Jenkins, Product Marketing Manager for Inventory & Order Management, Supply Chain & WMS


Now, more than ever,...

13 min read

8 Remote Onboarding Best Practices for CFOs

By Megan O’Brien, Brainyard Finance & Business Editor

In short:

  • As they increasingly shift to hybrid or remote work,...
5 min read

Takeaways From the Exchange Breach: Less Risk in the Cloud

By Ira Winkler, chief information security officer, Skyline Technology Solutions

In short:

  • You’ve heard the arguments...
3 min read

New Lease Accounting Standards Are Coming…Are Your Systems Ready?

By D. Scott Beaver, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

After a year's postponement, new lease accounting standards will...