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4 min read

Distribution Management: Definition, Advantages & Strategies

By Lisa Schwarz | Sr. Director of Global Product Marketing

It's taking longer and longer to reconcile financials at the...

3 min read

4 Best Practices for Conquering Your Workforce Planning Challenges

By Rami Ali, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

For many organizations, their workforce is the largest expense on their...

17 min read

Warehouse Automation Explained: Types, Benefits & Best Practices

By Abby Jenkins | Product Marketing Manager

This article explains how to automate your warehouse, why it’s worth it and...

3 min read

Save Time and Close Faster by Automating Financial Consolidation

Many companies struggle to generate timely, accurate financial statements. Pressure from senior leaders and investors...

3 min read

Boost Employee Productivity Through Continuous ERP Learning

By Tracy Graley Ferrick, Product Marketing Specialist

You’ve heard the old adage, “An investment in knowledge pays...

3 min read

Ease Application and Customization Distribution with the SuiteCloud Development Framework

By Erik Klein, Product Manager, SuiteCloud Platform


Packaging and deploying custom applications can sometimes be a...

2 min read

4 Ways Manual Order Management Processes Impact the Customer Experience

By Abby Jenkins  , Product Marketing Manager for Inventory & Order Management, Supply Chain & WMS

Consumers expect...

12 min read

10 Questions About the Subscription Model, Answered

By Megan O'Brien with Robbie Kellman Baxter

In short:

  • Subscription business models are all the rage — here's what...
9 min read

How Business Intelligence Is Used in Accounting Today

Andy Morris | Principal Product Marketing Specialist

An accounting team that’s both data-driven and proactive can be...

8 min read

Business Intelligence: A Must Have for Today’s CFOs

 Andy Morris | Principal Product Marketing Specialist

The role of a chief financial officer, or CFO, is always...