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October 5, 2021 4:42:41 PM CDT

If you want to transform the way your business operates but just don't know where to start, get Oracle Netsuite Cloud ERP from Tekiio today!

As modern businesses struggle to keep pace with the operational challenges of the digital age, a globally-renowned technology company announces updates to its enterprise resource planning platform.

The newly updated platform offers you a streamlined management tool to help you to reinvent your wholesale and distribution services through enhanced digital operations.

Make managing a business easy with Oracle Netsuite – a modern, flexible tool for the demands of the digital age. 

Tekiio's latest launch provides you with a unified back-office solution to the inefficiencies that arise from multiple service providers. The Netsuite Cloud ERP has helped over 27,000 businesses deliver a more connected customer experience while saving time and resources in day-to-day management. 

According to a global survey by McKinsey, just 16% of companies that attempted to pursue large-scale digital transformations succeeded in improving performance or sustaining gains. Large organizations report the most difficulty in upgrading operating procedures, with companies employing less than 100 people proving 2.7 times more likely to succeed in implementing change.

The Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP lets you incorporate supply chain portals from your vendors, customers, and sales partners, enabling greater control of your operational flow.

You can benefit from the SuiteFlow function, enabling you to build your own business rules into the NetSuite platform. This automation feature provides versatile, customizable features to increase efficiency and accelerate revenue growth.

NetSuite also improves your ability to connect with customers with its omnichannel communication tools. Enjoy single-source control for email, phone, and other online channels, to meet ever-changing client expectations.

The Cloud ERP assists with all aspects of your warehouse operations, allowing inventory and transaction tracking in real-time. Orders can be handled via direct sales, EDI, phone, or online while fulfillment tools ensure prompt and reliable delivery.

NetSuite allows you to leave behind the complexities of managing disparate, disconnected applications. Tekiio's business management suite is used by a wide range of wholesale businesses from electronics, industrial suppliers, fashion, and furniture, to food merchants and health companies.


About Tekiio

The company oversees a comprehensive portfolio of services for modern businesses, including localization, consulting, development, training, and support. It has been implementing the Oracle Netsuite Cloud ERP since 2010, helping organizations across the globe transform their digital operations.

With their latest service updates, NetSuite ERP and the Tekiio team are making digital transformation affordable and accessible for wholesale businesses across the globe.

Make ERP effortless with the world's leading digital transformation platform. For more information, please visit https://www.tekiio.com/en/home.