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From Chaos to Control: How Cloud ERP Transforms The Businesses?

Apr 17, 2024 6:45:00 AM

In today's digital age, businesses face a constantly evolving market landscape. Adaptability is key to success, and companies must be able to react swiftly to changing conditions.Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software can be a powerful tool to enhance your business's agility.

This blog post will delve into the many advantages an ERP system, particularly a cloud-based one, can offer your company in terms of efficiency and competitiveness. We'll also explore real-world examples to help you decide if implementing an ERP system is the right step for your business's growth journey.Portrait of a serious businesswoman using laptop in office

How can an ERP boost agility in your company?

Los Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are essential for achieving agility and providing a comprehensive view of data. With their help, processes are streamlined, and resources are utilized more efficiently.

One of their main strengths is automating repetitive tasks that don't add real value to the company, saving time and resources that could be better used in strategic activities. Some of the activities that can be automated include:

  • Order processing: Order receipt, inventory management, invoicing, and shipping.
  • Accounting: Management of accounts payable and receivable, bank reconciliation, financial reporting.
  • Supply chain: Supplier management, inventory, order tracking.

Having a predefined and optimized process for these activities brings several benefits.

  • Greater agility: Allows companies to quickly adapt to market changes.
  • Higher efficiency: Reduces operating costs and increases productivity.
  • Better decision-making: Provides real-time information about the company's status.
  • Higher customer satisfaction: Enables faster and more efficient service.
  • Greater collaboration: Facilitates communication and teamwork among different departments.

Success Stories: When an ERP Made Companies More Agile

Companies that have managed to stand out in their respective markets share several factors in common. One of them is the implementation of software that has allowed them to increase their agility and focus on operations with a higher chance of success. Let's look at some cases where an ERP was fundamental for business success.

Magno Concretos - Protecting the Environment Requires Clarity of Information

Magno Concretos is a Mexican company dedicated to manufacturing low-carbon footprint construction materials with high performance, allowing the use of less material for the same type of construction compared to competitors.

Today, they are achieving their goals by focusing on product development and inventory optimization, instead of worrying about the visibility of their operations thanks to an ERP like NetSuite and the expertise of partners like Tekiio.

Their Infrastructure Director, Carlos Damazo, is aware of the prominent role played by having a reliable and efficient system, stating that "managing information in real-time is key to decision-making," especially as they began to grow and the amount of information was starting to overwhelm them.

The results are becoming increasingly tangible. With a 90% digitization of their processes, Magno Concretos went from being a company that took years to make decisions to doing so in just a few weeks.


ESET- The Importance of Information Security in a Company


One of the most recognized companies in the cybersecurity sector is ESET, which helps over 100 million users safely use technology without worrying about potential threats on the Internet.

With such numerous clients and companies in their portfolio, it's not surprising that they sought a solution beyond spreadsheets and accounting programs to have clarity about their operations and ensure information security, as well as their databases. Therefore, they contacted NetSuite directly to implement their ERP, undoubtedly a titanic challenge given the company's prestige and dimensions.

The results over time became evident, and here are some examples:
  • Online sales of cybersecurity solutions increased tenfold.
  • They managed to reduce fraud by 85% due to returns. 
  • Streamlined the customer service process with the same staff, reducing response and service times.

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Transform Your Business with Modern, Flexible, and User-Friendly Cloud ERP

A modern ERP is a strategic investment that can help companies become more agile, efficient, and competitive. If you're looking to become a leader in your industry, implementing a modern ERP is a fundamental step

In addition to optimizing your internal operations, a cloud-based ERP provides the flexibility needed to adapt quickly to market changes and customer demands. With access to your data anytime, anywhere, you can make informed decisions in real-time. Its user-friendly interface makes adoption by your team easier, ensuring a smooth transition and rapid integration into your company.

If you've decided to take the next step, you should know that Tekiio has nearly 15 years of experience implementing NetSuite in companies that want to achieve success and have a 360-degree view of the business thanks to a flexible, but above all, powerful tool with constant updates. Contact us here and let us help you improve planning in your business.