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July 14, 2022 10:01:00 AM CDT

In the manufacturing industry, all companies share a common point: the search for efficiency, innovation and modernization of operational and financial processes and, although there are multiple questions of how to reach this goal, the answer is simply - one: resource planning through technology.

Today, manufacturing companies of all sizes are adopting flexible technology that fits their processes and not the other way around; in this way, it promotes a productive business, adaptable to changes and sustainable over time. Business planning systems (ERP) play a vital role in the modern manufacturing industry by allowing processes to be managed in an integrated and real-time manner, revolutionizing its operations and generating key differences against the competition.

Oracle NetSuite, the first ERP born in the cloud for manufacturing companies

NetSuite ERP is the business solution in the cloud that provides the foundation that manufacturing companies require to improve their critical business processes in the face of constant changes, continuously adding new industry-specific best practices to guarantee the competitiveness and flexibility necessary to support business growth over the years. Cloud-born software that evolves to support new business models, products, locations, and regulatory concerns from every country in the world; leaving aside the outdated, expensive and limited hardware.

By extending ERP capabilities beyond operations with cloud technology, manufacturers can increase collaboration across functional areas to improve workflows and optimize productivity. As teams take advantage of improved communications and cross-functional data, they can reduce cycle times and increase accuracy.

Main advantages of Oracle NetSuite in manufacturing companies

With growth comes new needs, and NetSuite is poised to manage and automate increasingly complex business processes such as: planning, forecasting, sourcing, manufacturing, supply chain, order management, quality control, and after-sales support.
Likewise, manufacturing companies can obtain:

  • Reduced time to market for new products.
  • Improve the efficiency of order processing.
  • Precise monitoring and control of costs.
  • Reduced IT support and resource costs.
  • Reduced launch time for new products.
  • Improved efficiency in processing orders.
  • Elimination of the use of error-prone spreadsheets.
  • Deliveries of better quality products.
  • Acceleration of the accounting closing process.
  • Improved support and service productivity.
  • Administration of critical controls for compliance with regulations.

In short, an ERP in the cloud, such as Oracle NetSuite, helps manufacturers to modernize and face their challenges from different angles. Its diverse portfolio of scalable, adaptable and secure solutions optimize business operations in their different phases of growth.

At Tekiio, since 2008, we have dedicated ourselves exclusively to providing Oracle NetSuite implementation, development, support and training services a long with the support of more than 90 clients; such as in the case of the company Multiaceros, who have used our tool to optimize their processes, as stated by Jaime Gallegos, CFO of this prestigious company:

“NetSuite is a world class solution, versatile and very adaptable to different realities. Having this tool has led us to have more agile and reliable processes, depositing knowledge in systems rather than in people. We have enjoyed its tremendous potential in delivering management information for decision making.”

We want to help you drive the digital transformation of your company, designing and implementing the perfect solution for your business processes. Contact us and discover the benefits of having the world's leading cloud ERP!